How Much Energy Does the Average UK Business Consume?

This is a question that many people have, especially those who are looking to save money by using less energy. The answer differs depending on the type of business being discussed, but there are some broad guidelines that can be applied with relative ease.

   One reason why knowing how much energy the average UK business consumes is so important for businesses themselves is because they are legally obliged to report it each year through something called ‘The Company Performance Report’. However, this information isn’t readily available so you will need to ask your accountancy firm or accountant if they can help you out with this information.

   To try and give an idea of the figures involved, let’s first take a look at how much energy is consumed by some different types of business. A typical retail sector company will consume on average between 15,000 kWh/ year to 28,000 kWh/year on all business-related activities. This would include lighting, heating etc. An office on the other hand might use around 12,000 kWh/ year if it has reasonable insulation and uses solar panels for cooling in the summer months. Still not sure exactly what you’re looking for? If you want more information about this type of query then feel free to call us at Cooperative Energy!

   It might not be immediately obvious as to how much extra electricity, gas or water an office uses compared with your household requirements. You may think that your electricity requirements are much less than your average business because you never have office equipment running in the background, but things like copying machines and calculators all use energy when switched on so it can add up quite quickly.

   When it comes down to the type of businesses that actually consume the most energy, there are some very clear leaders in this area. These include certain types of manufacturing businesses especially those with large metal forming or cutting equipment that uses a lot of power to operate properly. Food manufacturing is also another sector where companies are using more energy than ever before with increased processing facilities that need constant cooling systems to ensure food safety regulations are met at all times.

  Another industry where problems often arise is retail simply because there is little space available for energy-saving devices so companies are forced to use more electricity than is necessary.

  Another thing to consider when you are looking at the UK average business consumption of energy is that some businesses will use less or more depending on how their location affects prices. Power costs in central London are much higher than they would be in an industrial estate in the north of England for example.

The most common answer you will hear when asking “how much does a typical business consume?” is that it depends on the type of company they work for and what kind of equipment they have installed. However, there is also another very important factor that can make a huge difference within this data; hours of operation. If you run your own business then you will know all too well that the cost of powering your premises during downtime can become a very expensive headache.

  For this reason, it is important to consider whether or not the average UK business consumes more energy than households and therefore should be compensated for their operating hours and equipment accordingly.

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